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Building new gateway for near Cancun Mexico. (Playa del Carmen) XE3N soon (xe2/n6kzb)

Continuing FMRE support for Winlink, system # 5 is being built. XE3N
Money comes from Mexico's FMRE, (like ARRL).

All will be battery powered and Hybrid operation.

We thank XE3N and the amateurs of Playa del Carmen outside of Cancun Mexico for finding a reliable location.
And to XE1VP for the vision to continue the network.


XE1VP off line, some equipment stolen

Thieves managed to steal part of the system. It will be moved to a new location after funds are found to replace.

XE1CRG Gateway off line no more - FIXED xe2/n6kzb

XE1CRG gateway is back in service. Was a bad LAN card.
System restored and maintenance performed.
Thanks to area amateurs XE1CJK and XE1BRX, good job !.


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