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XE3N gateway off for a few days

XE3N full service gateway located near Cancun MX, is down while it is moved a few blocks to a new and more secure location.
The antenna should be also higher and in a better position.

Hope to be back by 2/15/2017


Migrate over from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups!

I see my counterpart Tom, N5TW has announced he is ready for migration to Google on the Winlink Program Group. So we will do so on wl2kemcomm.

Soon this Yahoo forum and all the sponsored Winlink Team forums will move to Google Groups.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but the change is needed due to Yahoos many recent user data base breaches.

In addition:
Posts sometimes take hours to show up.
Topic searches are difficult to do.
Yahoo lacks the features of Google groups.
Logons are sometimes delayed.

Winlink demos and Amateur radio operating day in San Diego area

Members of the Baja radio club, XE2BNC, were invited to participate in a twice yearly event. Groups demo for the public and prospective hams in the parking lot of Frys' Electronics. There were a lot of attendees later in the day. Winlink for local ARES/RACES was a big draw.

See Event Photos


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