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Winlink demo and Emcomm awareness to Rescue Academy in Baja CA MX

Myself and XE2SI gave a demo of how HF and Winlink can assist in remote areas for communications.
Course leaders are XE2DDA and XE2DDB, rescue instructors, ambulance company owners, and the son XE2DDB is a doctor.

XE3N Gateway near Cancun MX in operation xe2/n6kzb

With the loss of XE2EOS gateway, XE3N and the amateurs of Playas del Carmen near Cancun, MX received a complete gateway for installation. Provided for by Mexico's version of the ARRL, FMRE, it was installed today.
XE3N operates Pactor and Winmor 1600. The location is temp until all is burnt in, then it will move not far to a perm location. 80 watts to an OCF Windom, (there is room for it), and will soon have battery back up.

XE2EOS gateway back in operation, reduced bands

The full service HyBrid gateway XE2EOS, near the Mexico/Guatemalan border was placed back in operation.
Bands are 40, 30, and 20 meters only. Due to the difficulty in maintaining such a remote system, a new home
in the town beneath the mountain is being sought. Amateurs from Chiapas MX are doing the best they can, but time to
relocate to gain better 24/7 operation.


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