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Baja Radio Club Winlink Training & new station construction

XE2BNC- CREBC the Baja California Radio club had a Winlink training day, this included Pactor and Winmor operations. In addition a third new portable station was built, solar and battery powered. Recent Mexico and other area disasters has sparked a desire to be better prepared to provide HF email.

See photos here: https://mikeburton.smugmug.com/Winlink-Training-day-construct-third-port...

XE1TRY Pactor mobile, for EMCOMM support

XE1TRY, Ruben Navarrete, continues to improve and is training others in Mobile Pactor/Winlink use for emergencies.
Using a Yaseu HF mobile with Terlin Outbacker model OB8 antenna, he is practicing and showing others how to assist him if needed.

Between his portable low power station and his higher power mobile, Queretaro Mexico and surrounding areas has a way to communicate via HF email should the need arise.

Report from an amateur operator assigned to Puerto Rico disaster.

Copied from another group

Puerto Rico update received this morning from former Virginia ham, N0CSM. He thanks current Virginia ham Lee Ntwolee for his support of their communication efforts.

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