SPECIALIZED Forms - Download Process with Instructions

This location is for forms that are not part of the Standard Templates Library but still available for downloading.

The Auto-update library is getting too big with many local use custom forms that in some cases mimic a wide use form already available.
Some forms are specific to one small group or area and have limited use. If you request a new template or create it yourself, it can be placed here.

These archived template zip packs can be downloaded from this page. WDT Forms staff will modify upon request any desired changes.

DO NOT unzip into the Standard Templates directory as they can cause issues and will be deleted upon next auto-update via the internet.
Just download the desired zip file and Extract only in your Global/Templates or any new folder (s) you create, under Global/Templates. All that wish to use the rendered HTML form must also download and install the same zip file.
Keep in mind all templates send the data in plain text in the message body and easy to read. A recipient without the corresponding form can still obtain the information, but will not see a rendered HTML.

Install process:
- Download your desired Template Zip pack (s) and save in any Folder (s) you created under Global/Templates in RMS Express. EXAMPLE: Global/Templates/Alaska
- Now unzip the file (s) into your desired folder. (you may delete the zip file if you wish). In standard Express installations, extract to C:\RMS Express\Global Folders\Templates
- Now the Template will be available in your New Message > Select Template menu; GLOBAL/Templates/Alaska
- You can then assign any Template as a favorite if desired, up to four.

More detailed info in attached Zip files for downloading.

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