Created by Mark Kleine, N5HZR, Hamword is a Winlink-based game that mimics the popular five-letter word guessing game, Wordle. This game allows hams to practice their Winlink skills while having fun guessing an unknown five-letter word.

How to Play
Send a five-letter word via Winlink to the tactical call sign HAMWORD. The subject line can be anything, and the message body should contain just your guess. Messages will be graded and returned at 00, 15, 30, and 45 minutes past the hour.

Response Key
Since Winlink doesn’t allow text colors, you will receive a five-number “key” to guide you in your next choice. The numbers 0, 1, and 2 return using the following definitions:
 0 means the letter above the key is not used in the word you are guessing. (Similar to gray.)
 1 means the letter above the key is used in the word you are guessing but is in the wrong location. (Similar to yellow.)
 2 means the letter above the key is used in the word you are guessing; and is in the correct location. (Similar to green.)

Leader board
The current leader board and past stats are available at

Weekly Reset
In this game, the word resets weekly at 00:00Z on Monday (Sunday evening in the United States). So, make your guesses throughout the week and make sure you solve the puzzle before the word resets. You have six chances to solve the puzzle each week.

Have fun!

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