At HamVention: Mesh Presence

May 17, 2017 -- If you're going to HamVention this weekend, enmesh yourself in the Mesh Networks presence - on-the-air, forum, booth, and mini-classes. This technology takes advantage of the amateur microwave bands and the bandwidth that goes with them, for ultra high speed data and applications. Hams are now building radio-based high speed digital mesh networks low cost commercial hardware adapted for Amateur Radio use. Mesh provides flexible, high speed wireless communications that can be adapted to varying terrain types, can be rapidly deployed, are fun to build and use, and are particularly well suited to the emergency/disaster response needs of many served agencies. The Miami Valley Mesh Alliance (MVMA) has joined with the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN) core technical team to provide the Mesh Network presence at Hamvention.

On the air, the local Mesh network will be found on Channel -2 at 10 MHz bandwidth. The SSID is AREDN-10-v3. At the Mesh Networks Forum (Saturday at 1:30 PM in Forum Room 2), AREDN's Andre Hansen, K6AH, will discuss AREDN capabilities, deployment and applications. Reps from MVMA and the AREDN Core Team will host visitors at their Booth #1001, located in the extreme southwest corner of Building 1.

The AREDN Core Team will present mini-classes at the booth. Topics include:

· Introduction to Mesh Technology

· Mesh Implementation Techniques

· Network Planning and Link Performance Estimation

· VOIP Applications for Rapid Deployment

· Mesh Network Applications for Disaster Response

· Network Performance Metrics and Tools

· How to "Un-Brick" a Mesh Node

· Winlink integration with Mesh

· Live streaming video cameras

· Using MeshChat

· How to Setup Node Location Data

· See booth for class schedule details.

From the ARRL ARES E-Letter, used with permission.

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