How to file a comment on the FCC ECFS

Right click on the link below and open in a new tab: (This lets you read this page while you work on the FCC page.)

Read the current page of contents, to get a sense of what others are doing.
Read the ARSFI_Comments document, if you are responding to that. It will help you gather your thoughts and compose your comments. You do not have to file something long to show your support. Concise filings are best.
We suggest you do your reading and compose a separate, brief document and save it as a .pdf file. Or, if you like the idea of saying something informal and quick, opt for an 'Express' comment.

The user interface is reasonably straightforward, with a few oddities. The instructions below are very detailed in case you get confused.

Once you are ready to file a Reply Comment, and have your document composed and saved....
Look along the top left of the displayed FCC 16-239 web page to find a box under FILTERS with a yellow line.
At the bottom of that box, you will see:
+ New filing / + Express
Click on + New filing. (or +Express, if you wish to skip creating your own .pdf to upload)
It will take you to a web page that already has a form partially filled out with "16-239" in yellow in the "Proceedings" field.

Click right AFTER that yellow box in the blank space.
Type in RM-11708. Press Enter.

A drop down list of FCC proceedings appears with RM-11708 in it.
Click on RM-11708.

Another yellow box will appear with RM-11708 in the Proceedings field.
Click right AFTER that yellow box in the blank space.
Type in RM-11759. Press Enter.

A drop down list of FCC proceedings appears with RM-11759 in it.
Click on RM-11759.

Another yellow box will appear with RM-11759 in the Proceedings field.
You are now set up to comment on all three proceedings at once.

Go down to the next field, where it says:
*Required. Enter your name or the names of everyone contributing to your comment, Press Enter after each entry, if there is more than one.
Type in your name. Press Enter.
Your name should now be in a yellow box inside the field.

Skip the fields Law firms and attorney.

Go down to the next field, where it says: email.
Enter your full email address. [email protected]
The public will not see your email, unless you put it in your document. This only allows the FCC to send you a confirmation of receipt of your comments.

On the Type of Filing box, go to the arrow on the right hand side of it. Click on the arrow.
You will see a list of types in a drop down menu.
Click on MOTION, way down in the list. That enters the type in that box.

Skip the fields File Number and Report Number and Bureau ID number.
Go down to the next field: Address.
Enter your street mailing address, like "1428 Elm St".
DO NOT CHECK THE BOX "INTERNATIONAL" This is only for non-USA filers.

Go down to the next field: Address 2.
Use this if you have a PO box or the street address includes apartment number or it won't all fit in the first box.
Otherwise, skip this one.

Go down to the next field: CITY * REQUIRED.
Type in your city.

Go down to the next field: STATE.
Click on the drop-down button on the right. You will get a drop down box of states.
Click on your state and it enters it in the field.

Go down to the next field: ZIP * REQUIRED.
Enter your zip code.
The small box to the right of that one is for your ZIP + 4 digits, if you know them. Not required.

Before you upload in your comments, check the box at the bottom that says "email confirmation".
This causes the FCC to send you an email at the address you entered above to confirm they got your comment.

First be sure all blank areas on the form which have a "*" are filled in.
The FCC system will NOT accept any filings that do not have that information.
If you don't have all the fields filled in properly, it will reject it.

You are now ready to upload your pre-prepared .doc or .pdf file of reply comments.
Click in the box for uploading files.
Navigate your computer's file system to find your comment file. Click on it.
When the file uploads, it will show up in the box.

There will appear an open box at the right to enter a description of your comment.

Type in "REPLY COMMENT to ARSFI," or something brief that describes your comment.

Review your entries for accuracy.
Then click the button on the bottom: "Continue to Review Screen".
One of two things happen.
A) If you did not fill out all the address and contact information in the required fields, you bounce back to the beginning.
B) If all went well, you are now on "step 2" and the big yellow ball says that.

Review your work, and click the button at the bottom, "Submit".
If all went well with "step 2", you are now on "step 3".

You will see your confirmation number and so on. Print this if you want to. You don't need to if you checked the "email confirmation" box.
Within ten minutes, you will see an automatic email in your inbox.

Now wait! The FCC system is digesting your information and checking it. Nothing will appear to be happening.
Do NOT file repeated duplicates of your filing.
If you do not wait, but keep repeatedly clicking on SUBMIT, multiple filings will result!

Your filing will appear on the comments database within a couple days if approved by the FCC.

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