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W4UVA-10 moving to new site

The W4UVA-10 gateway will be installed tomorrow at the Bucks Elbow public safety radio site in western Albemarle County. The site is at about 3200 feet with a commanding view of most of the county. This new location should provide significantly improved VHF/UHF Winlink service to Central Virginia.

W4UVA out of service due to rock slide

Don't hear that one every day! Work to clear a rock slide near the building required disconnecting the antenna and getting the coax out of the way. Should be back on the air shortly after the work is complete.

W4UVA-10 UHF channel configured for VARA FM (WIDE)

I am pleased to announce availability of the UHF channel on W4UVA-10. It is presently configured for VARA FM (WIDE). Coverage is spotty due to the antenna location, but I plan to move the antenna to the tower when the weather cools off a bit. That should help quite a bit.


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