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New frequencies @ SM5RVH

Due to the propagation situation on higher HF-frequencies the 21112,0 kHz frequency is removed from my Winlink-service!
I also changed my frequency on 40 meter - the new frequency is 7056,0 kHz (7054,5 kHz dial)

73 de Rob

SM5RVH back to normal service!

Now the Winmor started the way it should! The reason for it? - I don't know - maybe some TCP-port time outs??

So now SM5RVH is back in service with Pactor 1/2/3 and Winmor!

bst rgds


Winmor not available at SM5RVH

Unfortunately my RMS Trimode can not connect to Winmor-software any more. If it's due to the latest windows-update I don't know but I will try to figure out the reason!

Bst Rgds



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