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RMS Trimode N4BTA for Hurricane Michael

RMS Trimode N4BTA near Atlanta is in operation now 24/7 on a wire antenna with primary lobes North/South. Trees threaten my beam in heavy gusts, so I will turn the beam South in the early AM once the blow has passed this location. Email [email protected] if you need me.
Dial 14.109 MHz, Center 14.1105 MHz running Winmor, Ardop and Vara.
Bret Arnold / N4BTA
AEC North Fulton ARES

N4BTA Trimode for Hurricane Florence

Trimode N4BTA is beaming East from Atlanta, GA on 20 meters.
14110.5 Kc Center, 14.109 Mhz Dial running Winmor, Ardop and Pactor3.
Be Safe and 73,
Bret Arnold / N4BTA
North Fulton ARES AEC

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