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LA5G is QRV with new rig, IC-7300. This rig is planned to cover 160m,80m and 40m.
Also bought another IC-7300 with only 60m Winmor 500 at the moment, but planning pactor, 60m and 20m.
LA5G will move to new permanent location within weeks and packet will we back on 6m, 2m and 70cm.

LA5G Main radio QRT

Due to an unstable USB port on IC-7200 LA5G now uses a FT-897 with _only Winmor_ available.
Hope to get IC-7200 QRV asap.
LA6ETA Henrik

LA5G Packet QRV

LA5G-10 433.725 Mhz
LA5G-11 50.700 Mhz
QRV 01.22.2017

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