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LA3F and norwegian HF RMS's moving on VARA 3.0.1 => 3.0.2

For the purpose of enabling northern stations testing the new lower (M)FSK gears in VARA Norway has already made a transition to VARA 3.0.1 in the beta period.
Moving on to 3.0.2. Users have to update their VARA to be compatible.
The old VARA 2.2.1 was running variations of PSK all the way down and including lowest gear.
The free trial license covers the lowest gears.
Dwell time is now only 4 sec, not 7 as before, so please increase your number of calling repeats accordingly.

LA3F-10 Full service 70cm, 2m and 6m

From October 13. All three LA3F-10 Packet bands 70cm 2m, 6m bands are all running with 6m increased antenna hight.
2m can also be reached via LD1FO digi and LD2WD digi and LA1T-10 used as digi.
Finn LA7UM Sysop

LA3F-10 Packet temporary reached 2m via LD1FO (digi)

Due to temporary antenna location adjustments, the best way to reach LA3F-10 is running 2m via LD1FO (digi)
Finn LA7UM sysop.


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