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LA3F-10 Full service 70cm, 2m and 6m

From October 13. All three LA3F-10 Packet bands 70cm 2m, 6m bands are all running with 6m increased antenna hight.
2m can also be reached via LD1FO digi and LD2WD digi and LA1T-10 used as digi.
Finn LA7UM Sysop

LA3F-10 Packet temporary reached 2m via LD1FO (digi)

Due to temporary antenna location adjustments, the best way to reach LA3F-10 is running 2m via LD1FO (digi)
Finn LA7UM sysop.

LA3F 30m QRV again. Replacement radio enabled.

HF running as normal again.
The 30m instance is configured and QRV again with a replecemant radio.
Finn LA7UM Sysop.


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