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SFI Index not downloading

Has anyone had problems with their RMS Gateway showing an error message that the SFI can not be download (and a corresponding 404 message). This has been happening on both of my gateways for a few days. I reinstalled all software, including the SFI module. It's not an Internet connection on my end because everything else works in and outbound.



KM3N/W7TSA 30 meter RMS Gateway back in operation

KM3N 30 meter gateway is back in operation. The prior antenna was unsatisfactory although a number of amateur/boaters would check in from Baja from time to time. I installed a new inverted V today for 30 meters. The 7 meter KM3N gateway, as always, remains in operation. For now I have deactivated the KM3N 20 meter gateway. There was zero activity on this RMS over the last couple of months. I'll probably have it back up on 80 meters soon.


6.3 Earthquake in San Francisco Area around 0330 08-24-2014

I hope there are no injuries although images coming out of the area do show significant damage. I added a message to my RMS Gateway, located in Chandler AZ to keep messages short for earthquake traffic. My GW handles 40m links well into Oregon and Washington. Wishing all in the area well. Ken/KM3N/W7TSA


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