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Teaching Winlink with an Audio only network

I have put together an "Audio band network" where audio cables from the sound card of a laptop are distributed to a classroom full of similar laptops.
The wires substitute for radios allowing many users to talk to each other. It works well for teaching FLDIGI and many other digital modes and protocols where each station is independent. Details are available for the asking.

KD2DO bringing up a new gateway (I hope)

I am bringing up a RMS gateway for the Rochester NY area. It will eventually be put on the top of the County Public Health building downtown. I am running a prototype at my house using a Yaesu FT-2980 into a 15 ft dual band vertical sitting on a fence post. The frequency is 145.03.
I can do Packet and VARA-FM.
Can anyone tell me why I am only listed in the Packet category and not also in the VARA-FM category?
Can anyone tell me why my 6 character grid square is turned into a 10 character location that is about 7 miles off?

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