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KC2SAH - VHF Gateway Returned to Operational Status

The KC2SAH VHF VARAFM and Packet gateway have been returned to operational status as of today. Damage from a lightening storm previously put the system offline. Please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

KC2SAH VHF Gateway Down

The KC2SAH VHF Packet and VARA gateway located in Fort Walton Beach, FL is currently down due to INOP equipment from a lightening strike. Parts are on order and gateway is expected to be back up to full functional capability no later than Friday, 5 May 23.

KC2SAH - VHF Gateway Down, Undergoing Planned Maint.

The KC2SAH VHF Winlink gateway in Fort Walton Beach, FL is currently undergoing planned maintenance including upgrades to its antenna, mounting system and associated cabling. This will expand coverage and reliability.

In addition, the gateway will now support PACKET 1200, adding to the current VARA FM 9600 capabilities. Expected return to normal usage no later than this Sunday, 12 Feb 2023.


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