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KB2PCN-5 - experiencing equipment/power issues. (edit)

The machine KB2PCN-5 resides on is suddenly having power supply issues. (Not backup/UPS power issues; something to do with the onboard psu.) - This is remote and it'll take me a bit to get to it; so expect intermittency until I'm able to repair/replace the machine in the next two weeks or so.

Meanwhile KB2PCN-8 remains operational.

New radio on KB2PCN-5 HF.

The previous old IC-735 which had a failing PLL has been replaced by an new IC-7300. ARDOP, VARA and PACTOR should be working now. Please give it a try; if you haven't been able to connect before you may be able to now since the old radio had more damage than I had previous thought.

KB2PCN-5 and -10 (VHF and HF) down due to power issues.

KB2PCN-5 and -10 are down for a bit while we figure out what's going on with a facility power issue. Some fault in the redundant power, nothing wrong with the rest of the installation so I expect it to be back up shortly.

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