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IR0UGN: CLOVER2000 modem added.

Now you can connect IR0UGN also with the mode CLOVER2000 on the same frequencies of Pactor.

IR0UGN--New radio on the gateway. New frequencies.

One new radio IC-7400 has been added to the already actives.
It will serve the 28MHz and 24MHz band. We are now at 4 radios: one for 40, 20, 15 meters, one for 30 meters, one for 80 and 17 meters and the last for 10 and 12 meters.

IR0UGN: VARA modem on all the frequencies of the Gateway

Thanks to Jose EA5HVK and John G8BPQ, now the IR0UGN Gateway has a full support for the VARA modem.
You can use it on all frequencies just like we do with ARDOP, WINMOR, Packet and Pactor.

More infos on VARA:
More infos on IR0UGN:

Raffaello IZ0QWM
SysOp of IR0UGN


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