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HB9AK adds Robust Packet on 40 and 80 m - new TRX for 30 m

Today (December 30, 2015), RMS HB9AK got an additional "SCS Tracker". It is connected to the 40/80m TRX and provides Robust Packet Mode for those bands.
The ICOM IC-718 that was responsible for 30m communication has been replaced with a KENWOOD TS-590SG.
HB9AK is running 4 TRX (TS-590S for 40/80m, TS-590SG for 30m, FT-1000MP for 20m, TS-590S for 17/15m), supporting PACTOR 1-4 and WINMOR on 80/40/20/17/15m, PACTOR 1-2 and WINMOR500 on 30m, and Robust Packet on 80/40/30/20m.

HB9AK with improved service on 20m

Today (August 23), a fourth TRX was installed at RMS HB9AK. It stays fixed on the 20m QRG (14'110.4 (Center) or 14'108.9 (Dial)). No scanning - it will respond immediately to any connect (unless it is busy already on this QRG).
Furthermore, an SCS Tracker was added for 20m, so it is possible to use Robust Packet Radio in addition to Pactor 1-4 and WINMOR. Robust Packet service on 30m remains available as before.


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