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HB9AK: 40m operation optimized

Single frequency operation on 7051.5 kHz (PACTOR, WINMOR, Robust Packet) with dedicated TRX.

HB9AK: WINMOR active again on all channels

After reverting to RMS Trimode for the 80/40m and the 17/15m TRX, both PACTOR and WINMOR are available again on all channels. And don't forget, Robust Packet is available as well on 80/40/30/20m.

HB9AK: WINMOR no more on 80/40/17/15 m - still on 30/20m

The latest version of RMS Trimode ( is unable to support simultaneous operation of external modem (for PACTOR and Robust Packet) and internal soundcard (for WINMOR) with the TS-590S. As PACTOR traffic is dominant, it was decided to discontinue WINMOR operation until the properly working previous version ( can be reinstalled.
Sorry to all Pactor users who have not been able to contact HB9AK in the past 2 weeks - was a little bit too busy to check earlier for the reason of the dramatic drop in traffic.
Martin, HB9AUR
Sysop HB9AK


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