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OE9XRK RMS Austrian Red Cross Vorarlberg

Location: Feldkirch, Austria. JN47tg
SCS DR-7800 Pactor 1-4,
OE9XRK-10 Packet Radio RMS via Digipeater OE9XFR-7 or direct 9k6 438.000 Mhz

Transceiver: Kenwood TS-480 SAT 75W output
Antenna: DANNEX FRA 1530M T2FD broadband antenna.

Sysop OE9FWV Werner Furlan
mailto:[email protected]
Fone: +43 664 6340014

Please let us know if you see a problem with the function of the station.
Positive feedback is welcome too :-)

Humphreys County TN

I am currently running RMS Relay for Emcomm testing. It's currently only connected to the internet via satellite. I do run RMS Packet on 2m at 145.010 with 50 watts to an omni antenna. This connects to the LAN to RMS Relay. Since my internet is via satellite, all I need is power to stay connected. During a disaster most infrastructure for internet connections will be down including cell towers. Once the shack is finished I'll have it up 24/7 to start on VHF. The next big project will be a 3 curtain Rombic antenna pointing South. I have 2 acres of grass land to install it on.

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Lor W3QA


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