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VA7DGP-5 on the HF Pactor RMS Channel LIst

Since I'm running BPQ32 software to access the WDT network. My callsign had to be changed to va7dgp-5. VA7DGP is the call for the BBS. My node is va7dgp-7. So when a user trying to log would connect to the TNC but they would soon disconnect as the BPQ32 system did not know what to do. Load BBS, or Load Winlink.
To make it easier for user -5 will be used even though may are using just their callsign. I guess I'm different.


New Westminister BBS/Winlink SysOp

LA3F partially down due to lightning damage.

80m, 30m pactor and winmor + 2m packet temporary QRT due to lightening damage.

40m and 60m still running as before

De LA7UM/Finn Sysop.

RMS EXPRESS Didn't remove traffic from WEBMAIL Inbox

Note to self (hence the blog post) - I've seen this before but didn't write it down.

Incoming traffic arrives in inbox. Said traffic visible via WEBMAIL. Use RMS EXPRESS to download traffic for mailbox.
a day later, traffic downloaded still in webmail inbox. (in this paticular case NNN0HHO 090 TO NNN0ALC).
Thanks to Jack NNN0BQW for for pointing this out this time.


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