XE1TRY does Pactor 3 QRP from village in Mexico

I was able to procure a used SCS P3 modem on Ebay for XE1TRY, Ruben Navarrete of Queretaro, Mexico. His QRZ page will show that he is an avid off roader and antenna builder. He was interested in Winlink from a presentation some time a go to do email during emergencies. His 5 watt QRP Yaesu and vertical antenna do well in Mexico to the gateways here, 40 and 30 meters using Pactor 3. While I am not a fan of this low of power for events, the Mexican gateway locations tend to provide adequate connectivity for him.

Trying Winmor just did not cut it on QRP reliably with current band conditions, but Pactor 3 he is pleased with. He helps in many area incidents and the attached video shows him remote operating from a village in the hills. I have watched him upload large messages to XE1VP gateway in Mexico city, in under a few minutes.

Add another Emcomm prepared Winlink portable on batteries and a good community support amateur radio operator.

View or download his Video from here: https://youtu.be/SM2BDbsrrAM

Viva Winlink!

XE1TRY 4X4 operator
QRP Sota
Winlink Linkomatic