W7YAM-10 VHF RMS Gateway Is Back In Service and Now Supports Both Packet & VARA FM

After an issue with the Packet TNC, the W7YAM-10 RMS Gateway (144.960) has been upgraded to include VARA FM. Making it the fourth known RMS Packet Gateway to support VARA FM in Oregon. It was put back into service at today (08/19/2019).

The Yamill County ARES supported RMS Gateway W7YAM-10 is located on a 950 foot ridge of the Eola Hills within Yamhill County northwest of Salem, OR, between Highway 99W and the Williamette River. Though the location is primarily targeted for coverage of Eastern Yamhill County, there are reports of western sections of Clackamas County, select sections of southern Washington County, and Northern Sections of Polk and Marion Counties that have access to this gateway as well. It is co-located with the UHF RMS Packet Gateway W7YAM-12 (441.050). At this time there are no plans to add VARA FM to the UHF station.

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