W0LED-10 Upcoming Frequency Change

It's been busy-busy here since my last post. But the station keeps chugging along with only minimal supervision. I'm satisfied for the time being. It's not the best time of the year for outdoor ham radio projects although I'll say that the temperatures this December have been tolerable. I managed to get a 60-meter NVIS antenna put up before snow season started.

As I indicated in a previous post, the station frequency change to 145.6700 MHz was temporary. On January 1, 2018, W0LED-10 will return to 145.0300 MHz (unless someone provides me with a compelling reason to do otherwise).

Happy Holidays to all. If you're not inclined to relish seasonal greetings of this form, please remember, "Festivus is for the rest of us!"


The Origins of Festivus
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