W0LED-10 Confessions of a Dick-weed Antenna Worker

Hello all!

My antenna move is complete and will remain as-is for the foreseeable future. The antenna has been raised approximately ten (eleven-and-a-half) feet by adding one ten-foot section of rigid steel mast tubing. Man, that almost makes it sound easy.

Notice to other lone-wolf antenna workers out there: GET SOME ADDITIONAL HELP!

Even one person would have made this project so much simpler and would have presented much less risk to me, the antenna, the mast, and the neighbors sensibilities. (Did I mention that I swear like a drunken surveyor when I get pissed off? Aside: I was a land and construction surveyor for over a dozen years and was schooled by some masters in the art and technique of surveying and the art of cussin'. I am quite proud of my 'second language'.)

But, the job is done. The antenna is moved, raised ten-plus feet, the mast is guyed, W0LED-10 is on the air with (I hope) a somewhat expanded coverage area in the NW portion of Hennepin County, and the neighborhood 'air' waves are a bit less colorful.

Next job: since the Winlink Server station is in the partially-insulated garage, I have to make plans to winterize it. It can get mighty damn cold in Minnesota in the winter.

After that --- solar-charged battery operation. Off the grid, man. (Frankly, from the use my server has seen, I could probably get by with a 9-volt battery. 8-)

73 & Take Care!

Clay W0LED dba W0LED-10

Winlink Linkomatic