W0LED-10 Antenna move soon

As a home-based station, with no tower, the house and garage are my stand-ins for mounting antennas at a height that makes them useful for my operations. Still they represent limitations.

Several years ago we put our electrical service underground. I convinced my XYL that the overhead service wires represented a very lethal potential (was that a pun?) the way I kept stringing antenna wires around the backyard. But the power poles still run along the back property line and I have to be VERY mindful of them when I work on some antennas including the one I use for my Winlink Gateway. At 32 feet AGL it's as tall as it can be without risking it blowing down into the power lines.

I want it to be higher for increased range but without increasing the hazard potential (there's that word again) if a big wind were to bring it down. Currently it's mounted at the peak of the garage but if I move it to the corner of the garage farthest from the power lines I can increase its height by about 12 feet (to approximately 45 feet AGL.) I have the requisite mast sections to do it. I will have to guy it out to be safe but that's not a big problem . Besides it will be safer from the threat of high winds with guying.

I'm doing the prep work now so my down time will be minimal when I do the actual move. But it will still take 4 to 8 hours to do the move safely. As the weather and other responsibilities allow I hope to do the actual move within the next 2 weeks. I'll keep you posted via this blog.


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