Unable to upload channels to server-no show on winlink map--Resolved

The issue was resolved by deleting the up-to-date versions and rolled back to a much earlier version - worked straight away with no issues .
For this I have un-ticked Auto update as the machine I am using is windows XP.
RMS-RELAY--Version :
Trimode Version:
Cause of much frustration has been ended.
Bradley ZS5BG


I have an ongoing issue with my station .
I am unable to upload channels to winlink server -error message is
***No Winmor Channels reported to WL2K data base... Check exception log

This being said - I can run the station and do updates OK but my station is not listed on winlink map- so no connections will be made as no one knows my station is availible for the connection.
Using Windows XP.Tried rebooting - adding to exceptions - nothing seems to be working .

Any suggestions.Thanks in advance.

Winlink Linkomatic