Thanks to gateway N5TW for HF linking EMCOMM

Here is the copy of the Facebook post on Mexico's amateur radio page. Thanks to N5TW !

This is the gateway station is USA that provided the HF Pactor email link when Internet was down at any Mexican gateway, (MexWin). Gracias to N5TW!
Gateways XE3N and XE2GJJ lost Internet and N5TW was the primary connection.

His comments:

"Tom Whiteside
Williamson, TX, United States ·

My amateur radio station is set up for full tilt shortwave over amateur radio email. Shown here is the 20 meter tower (14MHz) with three long boom (high gain) antennas pointed at Florida with a fixed antenna on the Caribbean. This station got some traffic associated with the Mexican earthquake before those operations concluded. This is complicated by the series of huge X class solar flares we have been experiencing..."

End quote.....................

USA gateway N5TW
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