Save/Load and Other Form Features - FireFox Addon To Save Form Data

Forms are being modified with a New Save Form data and Load Form data function. This will save your data as a text file that will allow you to load and repopulate the HTML. It functions much like Formlet mentioned below, sans some of its features. You may use ANY BROWSER with this process. It will take time to modify the many templates and some minor forms will not be done. Suggest you try it and learn how it works. It will reload the form with ALL previous data, so if dates/times or other changes are needed, do so prior to submitting your form. More info on this contact Greg at [email protected]

If you wish to use Firefox and its add-on.

FormLet appears to be the only reliable form saver add-on and only for FireFox. AutoFormer+ that worked in both Chrome and Firefox, has been discovered not to separate Outbound and Inbound HTML, of the same form name, so recommend do not use. Chrome and Edge have no such add-on.

In Firefox install this add-on called FormLet. It will allow you to save form data after entering so you can do templates on the fly such as an ICS214.

Update: 3/4/2019:

Formlet Instructions in .PDF format below.

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