RMS PY4LF (Brasil) Relocation!

PY4LF Off the air to change the home!

Two weeks ago, I posted in the Winlink Programs Group that would be canceling the operations of this RMS due to the change of QTH to Portugal. For reasons of force majeure, there has been a change in my plans and there will only be a change of house in the same city and the residence in Portugal will be only in some periods! Therefore, this RMS will return to the air in the next 20 days in new house in this same city. During the stay in Portugal, approximately 6 months a year, the station will be in remote operation!

I hope I can continue to support this fabulous organization that is Winlink.org from South America.

73 from Jo

[Big thank you to Jo for his service to bring WL2K to Brasil and better coverage to the Southern Hemisphere! --Winlink Development Team]

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