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On Friday 21.October 2022 the time had come to allow OE5XAR entering the CMS-Community.

It all began at Hamradio-show, finding on the flee-market an PTC-2pro called for 150Euro, i went on because so
much money and for what use? The shack is rigged with a SCS-Dragon and the Emcomm case has already a P3-TNC...

...so i went on to the next table filled with goods, just a few meters away, finding the same SCS device for 50bugs.
Maybe i saw a some kind of "sign" in this, so i took it with me fully aware that this might be the kick-off for a load of
work to do.
In the end it was a logical thing: In several black-out tests with local fire-workes for em-comm testing we were faced with
troubling cirumstances as 80m on short distances to exchange messages (Emails) did not worked reliable or failed. Our local geographices
made it also difficult to move to VHF without removing some hills between. There was something needed between, a FM-Crossband-relay
was already in place and so: Let´s build a Winlink-CMS!
In fact combining the needed devices and give it into shelf is not that "big step for mankind", but bringing this all together into 19" rackmout
housings including VARA-HF and Vara-FM was a big step for me.
On the funny side of life: As long as the components were just put on the table an connected: No problems - everything was find until the
components found themselves in the housing and "Say hello to RF-Radiation, Mr.Soundcard!" :-)

Several month later, holes were driiled, cables were done and audio was splitted, rf was blocked...
...while a touch-display matching the housing was found, etc.

OE5XAR has also 4 solar-panels and a LiFePo accu for backup. Power consumption in standby are remarkable 1,[email protected],8V
including the PC running Windows 11.

It was a nice project, it´s currently running on 10m & 2m, but 40m will be added as soon as the antenna arrives.

So lets see how it performs!

73 & stay well, Roland OE5RBO

Finished setup, testing on dummyload first as P2P
Backside of device
You see the audio-splitt board here, it´s simpel but important. SNR was much better than with Y-cable.
Winlink Linkomatic