Message from FMRE President about Sept 19th Earthquake

FMRE coordinates communications for the earthquake of Sept. 19 - 2017
By XE2O, Alfonso Tamez, President FMRE

Activity update. FMRE has activated the National Emergency Network operating in
extended mode because of the September 19th earthquake. Our operating
frequencies are on 80m 3.690, on 40m 7.060 and on 20m 14.120. FMRE is
coordinating with Mexico's Emergency Communications C5 Center.
In addition we have 2 mobile emergency stations, one located one Delegacion Xochimilco
with local authorities and the other one in Enrique Rebsamen Elementary School.
Both of the locations were extremely damaged because of the earthquake.

These mobile units have HF, VHF, UHF radios and WINKLINK HF communications.

The most recent information that we have, indicates that there are more
than 250 people are dead in this area and thousands of victims. 30 completely
collapsed buildings and many more damaged. The traffic of messages mainly has been referring
to the location of people in the area of Mexico City.

We appreciate the help provided by all domestic and international radio amateurs.

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