Listings - No longer in Standard Templates Library - Archive

Due to the size of the HTML library and some forms are not seeing any real use, they are removed from the template Auto-Update process and general HTML distribution. They are also no longer in the radio-catalog for access by Winlink Express.

These templates have to be downloaded from here and UN-zipped into your GLOBAL > TEMPLATES directory for you to use. Do not place in Standard Templates!

This will allow you and your local group to continue to use these forms if you so desire. If the party you are sending to does not have the same form in their Global > Templates folder, they will still get plain text in the message body. If the need is great we can always put an archived form back into the Templates normal library. Forms under this Listing will have limited support but fully functional as of the last version.

  • Contact me Winlink Forms Administrator, Mike Burton, XE2/N6KZB, with any questions.
  • Winlink Linkomatic