K6ETA moved from WINMOR to ARDOP

ARDOP has allowed the solar/battery powered K6ETA station to retire the power-hungry Windows machine in favor of the 5V/1A Raspberry Pi. WINMOR is being discontinued at K6ETA as part of our commitment to move to ARDOP in 2017.

Eventually when Winlink Express supports it, users can be assured that a full-featured station will be operational regardless of the state of the power grid. Until then, technically-savvy users can install ardopc and ardop_ptc to connect in PACTOR mode – please give it a try!

The VHF K6ETA-10 port on 144.910 is unchanged and continues to operate as usual. The VHF nodes, APRS iGate and BBS backbone are still fully functional.

73 de K6ETA

Winlink Linkomatic