HB9AK-14: 10m Gateway at 3020 m (10'000 ft) asl

Mount TITLIS (JN46FS) in Central Switzerland is probably the highest location for a WINLINK-Gateway in Europe or even worldwide. It is now operational in the 10 m Band in modes PACTOR 1-4 and Robust Packet. The soundcard based modes VARA, ARDOP and WINLINK will be added in a few weeks. HB9AK-14 covers large parts of central, northern and western Switzerland and complements the services offered by the 10 m Gateway HB9AK-1, which covers the northern and eastern parts of Switzerland. Additionally, HB9AK-14 reaches the southern regions of Germany, the neighbouring regions of France and possibly some parts of northern Italy. Reports are welcome!
The equipment is a KENWOOD TS-480SAT, a 10m GP, a DR-7400 and a fanless PC Shuttle DS77U running BPQ32 under WIN10.

location of 10m gateway HB9AK-14
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