Express V2 ICS309 Georgia ARES

ICS309 GA ARES Specific Comm Log.

The Communications Log records the details of message traffic and is used by either an individual or a Net Control Operator (NCO).
These logs provide the basic reference from which to extract communications traffic history.

Contact Bret Smith, W4HBS with any questions.

Note: A third party add-on for Firefox called Lazarus, will let you save form data so that you can
fill it in as you go, save for additional editing later, or modify an already sent form. Be aware it will copy
the same date/time as the original, so if you need to change that do so manually.

No need to download this individual Zip file. It is for the radio catalog to link to. Winlink Express will now contain ALL templates in a Standard Templates folder. See here: Auto Update Notice

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