New Web App: Sysop's Message Monitor

A new app for sysops is open on the Winlink web site, Once
logged in, look for the Sysop's Message Monitor in your user menu in
the left column. Clicking the link will list all the messages flowing
through your gateway(s), allowing you to read them and review
attachments. Only gateway-authorized sysops may access the app.

This web application replaces the desktop application called Sysop (or RMS) Message
Manager. If it is installed on your computer, you should uninstall it.

Gateway station sysops should regularly monitor the messages their stations
handle because they bear responsibility for transmitting legally permitted
content, according to the local rules governing your radio operations. If
you find your station has sent or received prohibited message content,
follow the suggested actions in the app page.

Thanks for your generous participation and contributions to the system.
Happy New Year!

From the Winlink Development Team

Sysops: RMS Activity Reporter App is Now On the Web

Gateway Sysops will find the program "RMS Activity Reporter" is now available as an app on the web. To use it, log in and navigate to it using the user menu you see in the left column. The current desktop program (version is the last one, is now deprecated, and has been removed from distribution. Our aim is to simplify your lives. Utility programs that require server connections like this might as well be web apps, and we can save you disk space and maintenance headaches by moving them to the web.

--The Winlink Development Team

Linux RMS Gateway Sysops: Release 2.4.0 is Available!

Release 2.4.0 of Linux RMS Gateway software has just been made available for download. Sysops who are running non-conforming gateways (see an earlier post) should update their systems. The software is available on the LinuxRMS group at as rmsgw-2.4.0-181.tgz. See the post from author Brian Eckert, W3SG on the LinuxRMS group for more important information.

Thanks, Brian, Hans DL5DI, and Charley, K4GBB, for making this happen!

--The Winlink Development Team


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