All Standard Templates & Folders in update Zip - Version 3/26/2017

NO NEED to download Zip packs individually from the Website forms library. Read all and try the easy 3 step process below.

The individual Zip files in each Listing for the Winlink Forms Library "is for the radio catalog to use", as it needs to have the files linked for downloading. Plus it provides narrative information on the specific HTML form listed.

The file is now included in Winlink Express, starting with All templates are in one Zip file, and the update process is automatic with each new Express release. When started Express will delete the old folders, re-create, then install all new forms. You need to do a "one-time" deletion of ALL previous older HTML Winlink Library templates that may be in your Global > Templates or Call Sign folders, as those are no longer valid.

The Purpose of this file being available here; so you the user can re-install "Standard Templates" if you accidentally erase a folder or file. Or if you desire to update to latest forms or changes, prior to the next Winlink Express release. Your Global > Templates and call sign folders are not affected by the update process and can be used as you choose.

READ: Some browsers are starting to implement a "safe download" process. If you download the Zip and it is NOT where your downloads are stored, then you need to find how to allow. Example, latest Firefox has a setting in Options > Security to block or allow what Firefox thinks is uncommon or unwanted software. And of course by default it is on, expect other browsers to start doing the same.

Easy 3 step Update Process for Standard Templates that are Winlink supported for users. - The latest version is noted by the Version Date.

1. Stop Winlink Express.
2. Download: Standard_Forms - Version 3/26/2017 Place it in the Winlink Express root folder, normally "C:\RMS Express".
DO NOT EXTRACT! [Allow overwrite of the previous zip file]
3. Start Winlink Express and wait at least 15 seconds for it to extract and write.


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