All Standard Templates & Folders in update Zip - Version

NO NEED to download Zip packs individually from the Website forms library. Read all and try the easy 3 step process below.

The individual Zip files in each Listing for the Winlink Forms Library "is for the radio catalog to use", as it needs to have the files linked for downloading. Plus it provides narrative information on the specific HTML form listed. Standard_Forms are pre-loaded in Winlink Express. Starting with Express Version, auto-updates of forms will be "pushed" to you via the internet automatically

The Purpose of this "manual update", is so you can re-install "Standard Templates" if you accidentally erase a folder or file. Or if you need to do a manual update of forms at a location you manage that has no internet. Just copy to a USB stick and follow the instruction below. Your Global > Templates and call sign folders are not affected by the update process and can be used as you choose.

Note: Some browsers are starting to implement a "safe download" process. If you download the Zip and it is NOT where your downloads are stored, then you need to find how to allow. Example, latest Firefox has a setting in Options > Security to block or allow what Firefox thinks is uncommon or unwanted software.

Easy 3 step Update Process for Standard Templates that are Winlink supported for users. - The latest version number is indicated below.
If need be you can copy the file to a USB stick and take it to a system that has no internet available for direct download.

1. Stop Winlink Express.
2. Download: Standard_Forms - Version Place it in the Winlink Express root folder, normally "C:\RMS Express".
DO NOT EXTRACT! [Allow overwrite of the previous zip file]
3. Start Winlink Express and wait at least 45 seconds for it to extract and write. Done!


Fácil proceso de actualización en 3 pasos de las Plantillas Estándar que son compatibles con Winlink para sus usuarios. - La versión mas reciente esta anotada por la fecha de la version.

1.- Cerrar el programa Winlink Express.
2.- Descargue Standard_Forms - Version Coloque el archivo descargado en la carpeta raiz, normalmente en "C:\RMS Express".
NO DESCOMPRIMA EL ARCHIVO! [permita sobre-escribir el archivo]
3.- Abra el programa Winlink Express y espere unos 45 segundos para que el programa descomprima e instale las nuevas formas. Listo...!

[Iniciado el programa abra un nuevo mensaje y en la parte de la pestania superior encontrara "Select Template" ahi encontrara en la Carpeta "Standard Template" todas las plantillas, incluidas las que estan en espanol (FMRE_Spanish_Forms). Con un click en el simbolo "mas" despliega el menu de Plantillas. Es Todo, ahora ya tendra actualizada sus Plantillas (Formatos)]

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