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W0LED-10 The State of Things 6/13/17

Hardware line-up remains the same although I've pulled out of my small collection of used (but currently unused) rigs a Kenwood TR-7730. This was my first mobile rig and when packet radio came to the Twin Cities it morphed into my steady 24 x 7 packet transceiver. I've used this radio with a TAPR Beta Board, a TNC1, a TNC2, a couple of MFJ1270Cs. It was my T-238/Dallas Semi 1-wire Wx Station radio for more than five years until the wind direction 'dart' fell off in the middle of a Minnesota winter.

W0LED-10 Hardware Lineup as of 5/27/17

Looking back at my blog entries it appears I never did give a hardware lineup for the Winlink Gateway. So, here it goes:

Transceiver: Yaesu FT-1500M (rugged, compact, 55 watt output, standard mini-DIN 6-pin Data port, running with squelch wide open, i.e., no squelch)

Power Supply: Powerwerx SS-30DV (30 amps surge, 25 amps continuous, switcher, compact, two Powerpole connectors front, binding posts rear)

W0LED-10 Hardware Changes

I mentioned earlier (I think!) that I'm using a TNC-X in my setup. I got a couple reports that my station wasn't connecting. I've used this same TNC-X for some basic keyboard-to-keyboard packet so I know it works. And it works on Winlink Express for basic email. But, as I watched it running under RMS Packet, it never appeared to transmit. After 24 hours of that nonsense I decided to try a KPC-3+ in it's place. The TNC had all necessary cables still connected from the last time I had used it so swapping the two TNCs was a no-brainer.


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