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KX4Z -- whole new computer

KX4Z -- replaced windows10 2-year old Insprion 15 portable computer, frustrated with continuing intermittent comm port "port denied" errors, after replacing PACTOR modem and serial-to-usb converter didn't solve problem. This problem developed about 3 weeks ago. Replaced with backup Lenovo G50 Win10 computer. Up 32 hours so far, doing well. Hope that was the real issue; won't know for sure for couple more days.

KX4Z -- replaced PACTOR modem

KX4Z Turns out it seems to be the PACTOR modem that is bad. Replaced it with one of my backups which N0IA Bud sold me for a SONG just to help me get going --- and it works!!! Two days now and no further "pactor error detected and logged" messages.... So I guess will need some service on the one I had been using..... Bud's legacy lives on!!

KX4Z - new FTDI usb converter working

KX4Z -- recent onset of problems keeping PACTOR modem connected seemed related to Prolific USB->serial converter, in service for many months. Something changed? Purchased/replaced with FTDI based converter and so far seems to be working better. Just had 45K transferred by user over PACTOR.


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