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KI4WPI RMS Gateway testing Kenwood TS-480HX @ 180W output

I finally figured out how to run both Winmoor and Pactor on my TS-480HX. For an undetermined period, I'll be leaving it online with my RMS gateway to see if it improves service for the Southern Atlantic basin. If it does, then I may consider getting a second TS-480 HX and making this one permanent.

Any questions, comments or complements, feel free to shoot me an email!


KI4WPI South Florida Gateway back online 10/12/2016

RMS Gateway for Pactor 1,2,3, Winmoor and local 2m packet are all operating..

KI4WPI Gateway will be offline 09/24 thru 10/08/2016

To all concerned.

I will be away from the gateway and unable to monitor control operations during this time. My apologies to anyone affected by this.



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