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Winlink Yahoo Groups closing

All the Yahoo Groups supported by the WDT are closing, and consolidating as TWO groups at Google Groups. The new groups are :
Winlink Programs Group, and

Please check-in with your Google ID and search for the groups. JOIN!



Right in the middle of a Oregon-wide SET yesterday, a tree fell in the woods. I don't know if Helen Keller was there or if she heard it or if the man that heart was still wrong, but I do know that it took down the 12000+volt feed to my QTH transformer cutting my power. I was at the County EOC and in the middle of a PACTOR connection to the KF7RSF Gateway and the connection dropped mid-transfer. Shucks!

KF7RSF Back in Service

Well, got so many complaints and questions I put the gateway back in service. I will have the station up and down as needed to allow other uses, but the station will be here if there is a real event. 80 40 30 and 20 all back in service.



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