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K7IF HF 10144.00 and K7IF-10 vhf 145.630

Operation 7x24 Lacey, Wa

k7if-10 is DOWN (hardware failure)

VHF rig failed due to an interface mishap. Parts on order expect 1 week downtime.
73 k7au/k7if

K7IF K7IF-10

K7IF 10144.0 20 watts into Maldol at 30ft GPSDO FT897d Nortel-Trimble Winmor
K7IF-10 145.630 10 watts into OPEC collinear at 30ft Kenwood TM 241a Signalink soft tnc
Lacey, Wa 98503
Robert Kalkwarf K7AU Trustee Panorama Resident Radio Club


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